May flew by!

Well, I know I haven't posted lately. Life has been pretty hectic and stressful, especially work. We are getting ready to move into my in-laws house next month, so I'm trying to save boxes, and check on storage sites. We're storing our whole kitchen and dining areas, but I'll get my own craft/temple room. I'm very excited. About that part. About sharing space again... that will be weird. But we'll have a lot of space to make 'our own,' so it will probably work out better than it does in my brain.

This weekend is the end of May. How the heck did it fly by so fast? The only notable thing that happened (besides an awesome Beltane circle- check my groups blog for photos soon) is that I went to a crop with a great friend and co-worker! It was really fun- the people were really nice and they fed us really well! I highly recommend Custom Impressions in Bellflower, CA.

I've began a digital organization of all of the coven stuff- info, degree stuff, the BoS, everything. I want it all organized, so once I move, I can hand it over and be able to have it organized for whomever steps in my role. I found a great program for this and think I'm going to start using it, if I do take over the CoT manager role (rather than just being tech manager) at MW.

The CoT at MW is having some serious forum issues, which is preventing the classes from really running, as no one can really communicate with one another. I hope that it gets worked out ASAP (its out of my hands, and has been) because I am also working on turning my Wicca 101 classes into something that can be taught online. But it won't be an easy Wicca 101 class- it will be a pretty difficult online class. Like my spellcrafting class, a lot of thinking and DOING is required. And W101 will take a lot of time, because much of the discussion and activities that take place in real time usually, will be taking place on and offline. Online classes are given such a bad name by those who just repost information and ask a few questions. Mine are meant to make one think, and get off the computer and go DO. I actually thought about opening up some sort of forum to teach my classes, as I'd rather be able ... shoot- husband is nagging me to get ready to leave. More later.