Fiery Wall of Protection

A friend of mine has had some trouble lately, and I was thinking about what I might do if I was in her position. From this personal musing, came some research, and ultimately a recipe. The Fiery Wall of Protection incense/powder/oil is a pretty basic recipe, and it is purported to invoke the flaming sword of the archangel, Michael. Angels really aren't part of my personal path (not that I disbelieve), but if it works, it works.*

The main ingredients for Fiery wall of Protection are:

  • Salt
  • Dragon's Blood
  • Frankencense
  • Myrrh

Grind these up into a powder, and you have your base powder. Add to castor oil for an oil, or you cal also burn it over charcoal as incense. Some people like to add cayenne pepper, cinnamon, agrimony or other things, but keep in mind, that many "fiery" additives are skin irritants, so don't use them in an oil.

*I believe that many rituals and recipes work based not only on religion and evocation, but also work based upon the egregore created by decades of usage with specific intent. LBRP, for example.


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