Ripples from a Pebble Tossed in the Reiki Pool

I was blessed enough to be able to take my first Reiki class/ attunement last month.

I have been told in that past that I had the potential to be a gifted healer, and that along with many other influences, led me to this path. I’ve tried some different types of healing before, but nothing really clicked for me; nothing felt like it worked. I pretty much just gave up, and concentrated my energies elsewhere. When a friend of mine mentioned this opportunity, I jumped at it. I’ve been researching healing methods for years, and Reiki is one that I’d always been drawn to. The class was great. Yadira talked to us about the history of Reiki, what it is (and what its not), and explained how to do a self-treatment and a treatment for others. Then she attuned us, and we had practice time.

Trusting my intuition has always been a challenge to me. I’m a very analytical person, and I over-analyze and self-censor quite a bit. I’ve always felt like intuition is just guessing, and that my brain was just making things up. I’m not a fan of the over-analyzy part of my personality, but it’s there, and I deal.
I’ve never been very confident in reading (tarot, runes) for other people, as I’m always afraid of being wrong. Something that Yadira mentioned at the class really resonated with me. She mentioned that if you mention something intuitive, and the person doesn’t really agree with it, then it might be something that is working on manifesting, or that will happen in the future. (I’m really paraphrasing, here, as this is what I got from it). I’ve never really had someone say to me that it’s okay if the person doesn’t agree. My role is to be the messenger. It really clicked with me, and I took that concept with me to my coven meeting, where our main topic was to talk about tarot. We discussed the trepidation that most of us felt when trying to read for someone else, and I was able to explain how I felt about it now. It’s like that’s clicked for me, and that’s a very freeing feeling to have.

I went this past weekend to a workshop that she hosted, where we meditated and practiced reiki on one another. I was able to sense the difference between Reiki I and Reiki II practitioners’ energy, and that was interesting and surprising to me. It makes me really look forward to taking the second class and attunement whenthat opportunity is offered. I don’t really take classes very often. My desire to take a class and my financial ability to take a class rarely line up in such a way where taking a class is possible. I just feel so blessed that it’s worked out for me this time. I’m going to try to go to more classes, as learning from Yadira has made me consider some things that might make me a better teacher myself.