Tiring Month of May

The only words I have to describe this month is... tiring. Work is crazy, and if I take any time off at all, it ends up resulting in more work for me, than if I hadn't left at all, because I need to figure out what's been done, and what hasn't been done. Political, especially. It will be better once the Lakers are done with the playoffs, so I don't have to worry about sending out playoff tickets, but I know its still going to be difficult, especially starting in September- November. I'm trying to do everything, but I'm afraid that things will fall through the cracks if I'm stretched too thin. My job is such where I can't hand off projects, because it's no longer project related. Everything has to do with some knowledge in my head. It can get emotionally tiring, and by the time I get home, I feel like my brain cells are all fried. But, I am very grateful to have a job, and when its not crazy, I really like it.

Two coven sisters and I are having a joint jewelry show in July (I think its 7/10). That's going to be fun, and I'm working on making a few things for that. Yesterday I worked on two prayer bead malas, a bracelet, a car charm, and a few cell phone charms. My main goal would be 7 pieces per week. I can do one piece per day, no problem. It's nice making things while watching TV.

We had an interesting coven meeting last Saturday. I won't rehash the details here, but you can read it at http://twilightmooncoven.blogspot.com/, if you want.

I'm also looking forward to camping mid-august. Yes, its at the beginning of the political window for the general election, but I'm fine with that. I deserve a vacation every once in a while. Right? We'll most likely be going to Big Bear, which will be fun, as I've never been there before. :) I can't wait!