Kentucky, Part 1

I write "part 1," as I'm sure there will be other parts. This photo is the view out the back of my husband's mamaw's back window. It leads up the hill, to a larger, lush, green hill, where the deer come out to play. At dusk, it seems the entire area is alight with the twinkles of fireflies. The front yard is beautiful, too, and across the street is a green field, beyond that lush green hills. It's seriously beautiful here. It makes it easier to understand how one of my best friends came home, packed her stuff and moved out east. The allure of a slower lifestyle is very attractive. There is MUCH less to do out here. While I have four Targets within a half hour at home, out here, one has to go about an hour or so to get to a Target. They do have a WalMart. Also, they have some really cool shops. I bought a bunch of stuff while out here, and I have to say, I'm looking forward to Cato and Shoe Sensation eventually making their way out west. People seem to be more polite and nice, and prices here for just about everything seem more reasonable. At Chili's in Charleston, WV, I had a beautiful red tomato on my sandwich. I'm not a tomato person, usually, but it tasted amazing. Since farms are out here, the food seems to be much more fresh. I've spent a lot of time with my nieces, playing games, watching movies and hanging out- it's been a blast! I am still me, though, and am struggling with some major anxiety. And homesickness at night. I miss my hubby especially, but I found my ring this morning, put it on and feel better about missing him.

It really is beautiful out here, and I'd love to move out here if it would be possible. But the closest big offices (if I could transfer) would be Columbus- which is also beautiful, and Charlotte. It just seems like there is more DAY here, to be had.

June's Lunar Calendar Correspondences

Mead Moon (June)

Nature Spirits: sylphs, zephyrs
Herbs: skullcap, meadowsweet, vervain, tansy, dog grass, parsley, mosses
Colors: orange, golden-green
Flowers: lavendar, orchid, yarrow
Scents: lily of the valley, lavendar
Stones: topaz, agate, alexandrite, fluorite
Trees: oak
Animals: monkey, butterfly, frog, toad
Birds: wren, peacock
Deities: Aine of Knockaine, Isis, Neith, Green Man, Cerridwen, Bendis, Ishtar
Power Flow: full but restful energy; protect, strengthen, and prevent. A time of Light; Earth tides are turning. Decision-making, taking responsibility for present happenings. Work on personal inconsistencies. Strengthen and reward yourself for your positive traits.

Vegas ~ Veggies ~ Glowtoys

Lots of things going on, lately. Went off to Vegas last weekend with the hubby and my mother-in-law- had a blast! This upcoming Friday, I fly out on vacation for two whole weeks! Yep. My MIL and I will be going to visit my sister in law and my nieces! We fly out on Friday, then on Thursday jump on a cruise ship. Though I'm missing many events with my coven sisters, including Litha, I look forward to finding a creative way to celebrate it on the ship. If possible, I'm hoping to greet the sun on Litha morning. Maybe there will be other Pagans onboard- I can only wear my pentacle and hope.

In the garden, my cucumbers are blooming and my hearloom pear tomato plant is over three feet tall. It's outgrowing it's little cage, and I finally have little bitty pear shaped tomatoes. Early girl is doing alright, and have quite a few tomatoes coming up, too. I really hope they wait until I get back from vacation to do their thing! I can't wait for the heirloom pears to ripen- we are going to have yummy BLTs, for sure. Zucchini is finally finding it's feet, since I've thinned it out- the flowers are blooming. No veggies yet, though! I've been harvesting a few green beans here and there and putting them in the fridge. No peppers yet, but my orange and purple pepper plants look happy! Lots of veggies in such a small area.

I purchased a sport-weight hula hoop a few months back, and have been hooping on and off, as well as practicing poi. I find this so much fun, as I've always loved dance and dancing with toys. I love listening to the music and feeling the flow. I have traditional poi balls from Hawaii, but want to purchase glow poi, and possibly a LED hoop at some point. I figure if I can manage the sport weight hoop, at some point, I'll get a dance weight hoop - the LED hoops are expensive, so I want to make sure I can stick with it. I've been into poi on and off since the fifth grade. I'm pretty much in for the long haul, there. Another fun glow flowtoy that is popular is the glow staff. It's 4' long and glows. Well, I did tall flags in high school about *coughcoughcough* years ago, and loved it. LOVED it. So much so, that if they had an old person club for it, I'd join. My flag was about 5; long, and so I want to MAKE a glowable staff that size. That would be pretty neat, I think. If so, I'll post a tutorial, of course. Sharing knowledge and experience is where the power really is.