White Roses

White roses symbolize purity, reverence, loyalty and sincerity. They are also known as “flowers of light.” A white rose blooming in the early fall prophesizes and early marriage.

There is a version of the myth of Aphrodite’s birth in which as Aphrodite was born, risen from the sea, where the sea foam touched the earth, white roses appeared. Also, other myths surrounding Aphrodite say that she was often adorned with roses, and a rose bush grew within the pool of blood spilled from Adonis, Aphrodite’s murdered lover. Roses were colored red, also when Aphrodite pricked her finger trying to help Adonis. The blood fell upon the rose, staining it red.

In Arthurian myths, the white rose symbolized treachery. There is a fairie name of Rhoswen, which means “white rose.” In Islamic tradition, it’s claimed that a white rose sprung from Mohammad on his journey to heaven and was stained red with his blood. The white rose is also known as a symbol of silence. When Cupid was found toying with a nymph, he offered a single white rose to Harpocrates in his attempt to keep the matter quiet. Harpocrates is now represented holding a white rose against his lips.

Maybe it's in the DOING, rather than the THINKING.

A short, rather shallow, meditation last night led me to do some research this morning. I’ve been feeling disconnected on-and-off for months now, and rather than bemoan this fact, last night I decided to do something about it. I started changing around my altar, which has lately been a place that has accumulated items without a home. I have empty baby food jars, random candles, a homeless statue and other things on there. I started by finding many of the items a home, and then I decided to just light some of the candles.

I worked up another batch of tomato bug killer (in case it works), and set it in the windowsill, between the window and the screen, so that the sun might hit it and cook it. Of course, as it contains tobacco, I labeled the jar POISON, so that I won’t use it for anything I’d ingest. I think one of my problems is that my studio room has changed so much, I have a bunch of clutter that relates to my jewelry business that I’m trying to get off the ground, and there simply isn’t space for this stuff in the closet. Ben says that he’s cleaning out some of his closet, and maybe I could use that space. That would make me really happy. Plus, I’m still thinking about getting smaller jewelry spinners, because the big one is really beginning to piss me off, and it has no home. Anyway, I ramble. Hey- it’s my blog- if I can’t ramble on here, where can I ramble?
So, in the end, I did a short meditation. While doing this, one of the dogs came in the candlelit room and laid next to my chair. I focused on the ‘how’ of becoming reconnected, rather than the ‘why’ of the disconnect. Which leads me to my research project this morning- among other things, a big white garden rose. After the meditation, I made notes in my BoS, and realized that I am no longer used to handwriting. My ‘writing’ in my BoS is awful, unlike the emails I send, nor the blogs I write. It’s because my hand cramps so quickly when I handwrite, now. I wonder if there is a way to correct that. I appreciate my handwritten BoS/journals a lot- there is nothing like being able to go back 10+ years and see your experiences written in your own hand. Even if the quickly worded writing style doesn’t make you happy.

So, in the end- I feel that doing something witchy, rather than just thinking about it, wondering, analyzing it, will help to bring the disconnect I feel to an end. I tend to analyze things seven ways to Sunday before making any sort of move. But I think, that perhaps the idea is to just MOVE. To just DO something, rather than spend time thinking about it.

Craft Specialties

Today, I was thinking about how many witches in the Craft end up with a specialty of sorts. Whether its herbalism, astrology, runes or kitchen witchery, many witches find a niche for themselves by learning something that is very interesting to them. In order to become elevated to a higher degree, in many traditions, one must choose a specialty and study in it. It doesn’t mean you’d be the end-all, be-all when it comes to the subject, but that you’d be a resource to your working group when it comes to needing information.

I never really thought of myself as having a specialty, but I guess that if I had to choose one, it would be magickal herbalism. At least, that’s what I did my research paper on when *I* was elevated. Besides having an affinity for trees, I love being among the plants and flowers. And, I’ve taught a few workshops on it. However, I kind of grew away from it, when I was into reading “Green witch” books. I don’t believe that the trees in nature are God, any more than we are, and I have a difficult time believing that some plants are more sacred than others. So, my viewpoint differed from the norm, and I just have been doing my own thing. Its only now that I look back and realize that it’s ok that I don’t agree with some author.

I think I’m going to throw myself into learning more about specific herbs. After practicing for as long as I have, I know what several herbs can do… and I’ve made all kinds of fun things.. oils, tinctures, ointments, teas, incense…even a compress, once. I’d like to become even more knowledgeable, though. I’ve also been told that I have an affinity for healing. I haven’t had a whole lot of success with that, yet, but I’ve never taken classes. I’d love to take a Reiki class, but they tend to be a little pricey. So, besides magickal herbalism, I think the only other “specialty” I have would be communication and it’s affect on group dynamics. And teaching- I’ve done a lot of training, both Craft, and even at my mundane job. I’m still waiting to feel a pull to a divination tool… I started with runes, but have since moved onto tarot. I think it’s time for an in-depth study.

What’s your specialty?