Really? Now what.

So, my hubbys office is flooded. Which means, his stuff goes into my room (the only clutter-free room in the house. My one place I can actually relax). Our bathroom is wrecked, the bedroom is still messy, and the playroom- which is to be our living room is still filled with boxes that need to go to storage, and his sisters crap that she didn't take with her. So. Basically this means, I'm pretty much confined to our bedroom thats pretty messy, or the 5'x5' spoce where the couch is in the playroom.

I know that this is NO ONES fault. But I'm quite unhappy. I enjoy not having to pay rent, but this is fucking ridiculous.

I haven't been home yet, but it seems as though I won't have any space to be able to do anything. We can't even sit at the dining room table, because the stuff from the kitchen is on it. I have more to add, but I just got back from a training and have to pee. so. bad.


This past weekend, my husband and I went camping! We headed up to Lake Lopez in the San Luis obispo area. It was warm, but the breeze off the lake made it bearable. The deer came right through the campsite, and there were also wild turkeys and quail and squirrels, and hawks... it was wonderful. I'll be posting pictures, later. :)

Looking forward to camping!

We're going camping this weekend. Due to the heat, we were forced to find a new place to camp. We usually camp at Lake Hemet. Its a great place to camp, as its really relaxed- there are no campsite, you just park your stuff whereever you want. However, its going to be 100+ there, so that was a no go. You can't even swim in that lake!

So, we've decided to give Lopez Lake a try. I've been there before, but I was really little, so I don't remember much, except that we were in the Quail campground. I'm really excited, though hubby doesn't seem too excited. I hope that changes. I'm looking forward to spending a weekend with him. The last time we went camping, just him and I? March 2004. Six months after we got together. A long time ago, yes! I will be twitpicing photos- I'm ivyartemisia at twitter. Add me if you like! :)

Proof I Have a Teenage Sense of Humor

So. I like youtube.
More than just the viral videos that come out.
I subscribe to many people.
One of these people is Shane Dawson (ShaneDawsonTV and ShaneDawson TV2).
He’s 21 (looks younger) and the type of guy you’d love to hang out with. Hilarious as fuck. Just a really funny guy with a nice following on youtube.

Well, another youtuber, Buck Hollywood (WHATTHEBUCKSHOW) created a video about getting to know other youtubers and asked a lot of questions, like,” whats your first name, how old are you?” Shane made a video response to it, and mentioned answering the questions on Bucks channel or his channel. And oh, my god! Every one of the comments I read were from people 12-18 years old. Of course I wasn’t going to go through over 9k comments (yeah, he’s got [and deserves] quite a following), but I went through at least ten pages. Not one comment/response from someone that was 21 years old or older. Of course, I tried to justify this by thinking to myself that maybe all of the “old” people like myself are working right now. And are responsibly not watching youtube. And that’s why the only people posting are kids on their summer vacation.

But let’s face the reality of it. Most adults are probably doing grown-up things.

Like. Um. Washing the car, or cleaning the house, or watching Lifetime Movie Network or some shit. Which, of course I do.. but youtube is so relaxing for me, and can really pick me up after a crappy day at work, or teach me how to wire wrap a crystal bead. I love youtube. Its my friend.

My plan is to eventually get a small camera and make a few videos of my own. Other than ones of the cat. Though I am really addicted to TheMeanKitty channel. I don’t know… people have told me in the past that I’m funny- not that I’d be doing it for other people, mostly just for me. Maybe a different type of creative outlet. If I got a camera, I could make a vlog, or write a short little movie, or do jewelry or witchy oriented tutorials, like how to create an herbal infusion or a gem elixir. It could even give another facet to the online witchy classes I teach.

Not that I plan on ever becoming any sort of youtube celeb, but I’d like to really be part of the youtube community. Even at my old age of 30. Wait. Next month I'll be 31.

I'm a hypercritical hypocrate.

People said I'd love my thirties, but I hate them. I feel too young for old people stuff and too old for young people stuff. I think to myself sometimes, "Am I too old to do this?" The kicker of it is, I'm the FIRST person to tell people that age doesn't matter at all! And in my head I know this- but why am I do fucking hypercritical of my age right now? Maybe once I have a kid, I'll feel more my age. Whatever thats supposed to be, anyway?

Goddesses.... so hard to pick just one!

No, no, I'm not talking about a patroness.

This weekend, my group is hosting a community driven event- Night of a Thousand Goddesses. I posted a bit about it before. Each participant can create an altar to her chosen Goddess and can do an evocation and/or some activity related to her goddess. We are a Wiccan group, and honor both the Lord and Lady, but as women, it seems to be easier to relate to the Goddess, and so we do these type of events.

We did this event a few years ago, and it was really fun. Its casual, fun, low-key and educational. Last time, I did Inanna. I wanted to focus on a Goddess that I wasn't really familiar with. This time, I'm thinking of focusing on Brighid or Hestia. I was drawn to Artemis earlier this year... but this time I'm going to stick with the Shining Arrow- Brighid. :) She's associated with wells, and fires- she's the goddess that rules the fire, forge and inspiration. She's also Irish, as am I. :)

OMG. Just as I typed this, I remembered a meditation I had of her not too long ago. Yup, I'm going to do Brighid! I will post photos of my altar this weekend. :)

Monday, Monday. SO magickal!

Last Saturday’s circle left me feeling quite magickal. And inspired by a post by an interested party on our groups message board, I’m going to try to do a divination journal a few times a week. So, here we go!

Today’s Rune: Pertho

This rune sits on the second aett of the elder futhark runes. It is representative of a dice cup, and is sometimes related to the Wheel of Fortune tarot card. Some believe that it means that something is out of control. Others believe it may mean secrets or mysteries revealed. There are plenty of websites out there- for more info, simply google.

I pulled this rune out of a bag this morning. I didn’t have a question or situation in my mind when I pulled it, nor did I have a place, like in a spread for it to fit into. I pulled it with a blank mind, and blank intent. From now on, I’ll make sure I figure either an intent, or a place when I pull a rune, for contextual purposes. Without a context, I’m just going to assume that this has something to do with me, at some time in the future or present. Lately, I’ve decided that I need to meditate more often, as well as do more spiritual practices. I’ve already started doing offerings (and sometimes sacrifices) daily. I’ll need a separate post for that. But perhaps, as I’ve made the decision to focus more on my personal spirituality (rather than mostly just fostering others) the mysteries that I seek shall reveal themselves.

I’ve found that daily spiritual practices can be sort of like going to the gym. I make all kinds of excuses why I can’t, but when I’m there- in the moment- I’m SO glad I did it. I KNOW it will lead to spiritual health. And I know that I should not let my spiritual health and connection fall by the wayside. And so, next weekend I’m going camping. I need some nature time. Some forced relaxation. Time to read books, and practice tarot and meditate, and drum. And have alone time with my husband. The move has been a little challenging for him to adapt to, and so a weekend of fishing, might be in the cards for him, as well. We have a place we go often- its more deserty, than foresty, but it will do. Maybe I will learn something while out in nature. Maybe that’s what Pertho is saying to me.

Dottie Chronicles: Catnip and Treats

This first one is of Dottie writhing around in her new catnip laced bed.

The second one is of her trying to get the lid off of treats. She likes treats better than catnip.

Can I Have a Side of Asbestos With That, Please?

It’s Thursday? Already?! Where did the week go? Why do I feel so behind?

Well, I guess I’m not that behind- did some required shopping and stuff last night. Although I still haven’t had enough time to send out an evite for next weeks event. I don’t know that anyone will really show up, save for our prospective aspirant. It will be fun, no matter what, though. J I don’t know that I’ve blogged about this, but last week, the kitchen flooded. Something broke in the fridge, and water was everywhere. Since then, they’ve had giant blowers and humidifiers, and all kinds of emergency water damage stuff going on. Well, yesterday they finally picked up the blowers. They sent the floor out be tested, and it turns out that not the floor, but the stuff under the floor has asbestos in it. Hooray! This means that the kitchen will be off limits while they tear it all up. Nothing says fun like trying to keep seven animals out of a plastic wrapped room. And I don’t really know how off-limits, “off-limits” is. Does that mean we can’t go in there to get food? How will we eat? How long will it take? Lots of questions- but I’m rarely home this week as it is, so it won’t affect me as much as it will my dear hubby and his folks.

Tonight I head off to my BFFs house to rehearse and talk about this weekend’s circle. As we haven’t done it in like, two or three years, we’ll need a bit of a refresher, I assume. I’m so excited to officially welcome these two new sisters into our circle. And then, next week’s event will be fun, as well. One of those most fun things about next weeks event is that its so community, that we all get to participate equally- even our guests. I just have to choose which Goddess I will choose to represent. Last time, I did Inanna- that was really fun. I’m thinking possibly Bast this time. I’m very Brighid and Hestia focused on a regular basis, so part of me wants to go outside what I’m used to and research another Goddess. SO fun. I wish we did this every month. And of course I will share pictures. :)

NOATG 2009

I'm really looking forward to our Night of a Thousand Goddesses event this year. Its a small, low-key fun women's event that we've done. I'll post more later. Including another cat video.

This week and the next, I'm going to be super busy, so I might not have time to blog. We have initiation coming up, the aforementioned open event, people joining our Outer Court, and I'm helping get Mystic Wicks Circle of Teaching up and running- and this means I need to get my ass in gear, finish posting my Spellcrafting online course, and Finish WRITING my Wicca 101 online course. And I have a CoT update to write for the MW magazine. Oh. And get ready to start in-person Wicca 101 classes again.

So, if I just post little blogs or photos, or silly cat videos, please bear with me. *hugs*

More details on NOATG on the Coven Blog.

PITA Kitty!

So, I have nothing to say, since I'm crampy and icky feeling, so I'm posting a photo of a pain in the ass kitty! :)

That is all.

Oh, great Goddess, why have you cursed me?!

Ok, not really. And I know that being a woman, being able to nurture the spark of life inside of us is magickal. And that every month we get an awesome reminder of how magickal we are. Why does it sometimes feel like the worst flu in the entire world before and during “that time of the month?” The older I get, the more symptoms I get: bloating, nausea, sore/tenderness, cramping, exhaustion, irritability, and just overall hellish feeling.

And then we get smacked in the face with “Have a Happy Period” commercials from Always?

Epic fail, Always.

I will NEVER buy another Always product. Because a PAD-of all things- will not give me a happy period. Vicodin might give me a happy period. Possibly a Percocet could give me a happy period. But NOT a flying pad. Why do pads have wings, anyway? To protect your underwear? Oh, that’s right- because pads like Always have “lock in leak protection” or some other BS. Which means, its not very absorbent at all, hence spillage. I don’t care if it “pulls wetness away from your body.” Can you just absorb? Then there will be no need for flying pads. Pads are not usually my product of choice, but I feel very strongly about how they are supposed to work.

And twitter is down?
WTF, Twitter! Why have you forsaken me?! Something is not right in the world when I cannot update my status and/or know if my friends are eating lunch, having tea in the UK, or even going the bathroom! How am I supposed to keep up with everyone?

I think I’m feeling a little bit dramatic today. Well, better this blog then ANOTHER blog post about the cat. Again. I'm turning into the cat story lady.

Current Personal Altar (Summer 2009)

My altar isn't especially decked out for the season this sabbat. Partially because we're still adapting to our new surroundings, and partially because I've just been exhausted, lately. I moved it in front of the window, where it should have been all along. This evening, I put an offering dish of water up on it, and kitty went directly to the bowl and drank. When I replace it with alcohol tomorrow, I hope she won't repeat that. Originally, I took a right side shot and a left side shot and planned on explaining everything, but you can see everything from a full frontal shot. ;) It sits on top of white cubes that hold some craft (not Craft) supplies. :)

Here it is:

And we must have a candlelit shot.

And a close-up of my maiden goddess statue.

And one of the corn dolly I made at Lammas. I know, its a Brighid's cross, but that's about the only wheatweaving I can do.

If you have any questions about what the objects are, or what they symbolize, leave a comment, or hit me up on twitter- @ivyartemisia.

From Her Fingers to God's ears?

Today, on my way to work, while stopped at a traffic light, I saw a woman walking along the sidewalk to the intersection. She was mentally ill. I don’t know how I knew that, as nothing about her appearance really gave it away. She was dressed in jeans and a tank top and carried an innocuous square tote bag. Her hair was blonde, not styled, but not completely unkempt. As she got to the intersection, she started eagerly yelling to someone across the street. I looked to see who she was yelling to, as she was obviously trying to talk to someone- and I was pretty surprised, as I had pegged her as mentally ill. I look to see who she’s talking to, and no one is there. Then she starts talking to me through my windshield, though at a decent distance, as she was still up on the sidewalk, on the corner. I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she was gesturing wildly- it looked like sign language almost. All of a sudden, she looks up toward the sky and starts fingerspelling (ASL alphabet) words toward the sky as she smiles. I’m catching some of it, as all I know of ASL is the alphabet, girl scout promise, and a bit of this land is your land. She fingerspelled something very intensely, almost as she was yelling to God with her fingers. Then she threw her head back, laughed and walked across the street with the light.

I kind of really liked her. I wanted to know what she was saying. Or if she was deaf. Something about her made me want to know more about her. What an interesting start to a day.

New creations in my eCrater shop!

I got the chance to upload some new creations to my eCrater shop yesterday!

Firstly, my favorite. :)

Lunar Goddess Prayer Beads

Also, here's a green glass pendulum- I love this one, as it reminds me of fantasy and sci-fi movies.

Then a large carnelian slab necklace- its on a long chain. I just saw something similar on TV.That made me happy! :)

I also created a multi strand necklace for a pretty ceramic focal piece I found.

I also created four new pairs of earrings.

Violet Earrings

Shades of Caramel Earrings

Heart of Sea Glass Earrings

Romantic Heart Dangle Earrings