Hitchhiking Ghosts?

So... this week, I've been feeling kind of under the weather. I don't know why, really. I'm not sick, everything else is fine, but I've been feeling really tired, and like, zapped of energy. I've been just wanting to lay down and watch TV, which is very unusual for me. I mean, sure, I lurve TV, but I'm always doing something else while I watch it- researching, crafting, etc. It's just very strange. Mercury isn't in retrograde, or anything, and everything seems to be A-OK astrologically.

However, I've come to a realization this evening. I'm wondering if, while investigating Founders Park uptown last weekend, if I didn't pick myself up a little traveler. It's not something I've ever dealt with before, so I really dont' know anything about what happens.

Over the past week, I'm constantly feeling bumped into, or I feel like I'm in a small wavy earthquake. A few nights ago, when all was silent in the house, I heard a voice in an empty room- a male voice that wasn't my husband or father-in-law. I just figured that somehow, a window was open and acoustically, the sound got in the room somehow, even though it was really late at night. I just stopped where I was, and, whilst I know exactly where the sound seemed to come from in the room, I just waited to hear more. Nothing. Nada. So, I wrote it off.

This evening, during my personal full moon circle, I felt anxious. Now, I lead circle in groups, so nervousness would be silly, as I'm very used to it. And afterwards I realized it's because I didn't feel alone. I felt like something was in the room with me. Not like "the Goddess walks with me" kinda something, either. And at one point that feeling just completely lifted, like it was never there. Very strange stuff.

So, I guess I'll do a little research and see if this sort of stuff fits the "attachment" ghosty profile, or if I might just have vertigo with a side dish of crazy. Either way, it's a new experience. :) Well, not the crazy side dish- that, I'm used to.

Founders Park (07-16-10)

I went to Founders Park Friday evening with Yvonne and Jen from GSLA. It was a whole lot of fun, though it seemed a bit of a slow night. We were dealing with a lot of background noise, from sirens to fiestas. Founders Park is a little eerie, but definitely feels like a park. Shadows are generated everywhere, due to the unique position of the park; there many streets that lead up to the park, so headlights light up the whole park. It would probably be easier on a week night, rather than a Friday night.

I felt drawn to a specific place, and again saw something in my minds eye, but failed to get any response, even on my recorder. However, I was able to find one possible EVP on my recorder. You'll hear me talk, a dog bark, and then a whispered word/name. Be patient, it may take a few moments to load.

To me, it sounds like someone saying Hannah.

Comparative Religion: LDS Church

I'm working on a comparitive religion project, and I'm using this forum for my notes as I research. :)

The LDS Church/ Mormons

Church Structure/Organization

Church is led by 15 apostles, the senior apostle is the president of the church- he chooses two others as his counselors. Together, they form the First Presidency- the highest governing body of the church. The other 12 form the “Quorum of the Twelve.” Leaders called “Seventies” assist the 12 apostles and serve throughout the world. This structure is thought to have come about from the New Testament. A Bishop leads a congregation, and his “parish” is called a ward. Several wards form a stake, and the stake president is the leader of that group of wards. Most members of the church are asked to help out in specific capacities, called “callings.”

Holy Book or Writing

• Bible
• Book of Mormon
• Revelations to Joseph Smith and subsequent presidents of the LDS Church
• Pearl of Great Price- writings of Moses and Abraham, as well as writings by Joseph Smith

Main Ethics/Rules
No alcohol, tobacco, tea or coffee
10 Commandments

Easter/ Christmas
Pioneer Day on 7/24- celebrates the day when Mormons first entered Salt Lake Valley in 1847
Minor holidays may include 4/6- founding of the church, and 5/15- John the Baptists appearance to Joseph Smith

Main Mythology / History
Joseph Smith was born in Vermont in 1805. Fifteen years later, he sees Jesus Christ and God the Father near his home in New York. In 1827, he obtains a set of gold plates from an angel named Moroni, from which he’d translate the Book of Mormon. These are finally completed and witnessed in June of 1829, the year that Joseph Smith is conferred the Aaronic Priesthood by John the Baptist. A year later, the first edition of the Book of Mormon is published. During 1830, the LDS church is organized and six years later the first temple is dedicated in Ohio. As part of the mission of the church is to spread their beliefs, members are encouraged to go abroad. Brigham Young- a missionary- reaches the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. In 2006, church membership reached 12 million.

Key Points
- believe themselves to be a restoration of the original church of the apostles as it was in 1st Century.
- believe in the Holy Trinity
- believe that God still speaks to people, and calls his apostles
- believe in a “plan of salvation”

Interesting Points
Prior to the 80s, they’d emphasized their differences, in the 80’s started to focus on the similarities between LDS and the Christian church
Joseph Smith was murdered in prison after being arrested on false charges

Craft Newbies

Newbies In the Craft

All those who have a Craft practice were at one time, new. Whether it was something you learned from your parents, or a book you happened to stumble across in a library, we’ve all had our moment of newbieness, and most likely an eventual “coming home” moment. I was thinking about it this morning- those who come into the Craft come into it from many directions, and their momentum propels them through the n00b period in very different ways.

She Who Throws Herself in Wholeheartedly
This woman throws herself into her practice with all she has. She reads a few books, teaches herself how to meditate, and within a few weeks, is conducting solitary rituals for herself. She immediately identifies with the term witch. Most likely she is out of the broom closet and proud of it. She’ll make mistakes, as every newbie will, and at first, will probably shrug it off, but will eventually come to learn from them. Main lesson: You will make mistakes, focus on them, learn from them and try again. It’s okay to slow down- think about why you are doing what you are doing.

She Who Studies
This woman reads. A lot. She is surrounded by mountains of books, as she reads everything she can about the Craft. She thinks about doing the rituals, and can effectively work out all of the practical ways a ritual could be performed. She may be slow to embrace the “w-word.” She may be afraid to make mistakes, and because of this has still yet to perform a ritual. Main lesson: the Craft is about DOING. All of the knowledge in the world won’t make you a witch. Practicing will hone your craft- why do you think it’s called practice? You WILL make mistakes –everyone does-, but you will learn from them.

She Who Knows She is Great
This woman wants to lead a coven, even though she is new to the craft. She sees herself in a black robe, arms raised to the sky as her covenlings chant a mysterious chant. She knows that she has the power within her to lead, and other people will follow her and they will accomplish great things. She knows that she is walking in the shoes of a high priestess, and that once she can find enough people to start a coven, they will do great things, and enact many changes in the world. Main Lesson: Being a HPS is more than dramatic ritual and making change in the world. It’s hard work, not instant, and if you won’t do a reality check, the universe will do it for you.

She Who Balances
This woman has read many books on the craft, and after careful consideration, has performed her first ritual. She understands the reasoning behind the words that are said, and spends a moderate time in meditation. She’s a note-taker and while analytical, she understand that there are mysteries that can only be experienced, not explained. Main lesson: Things will not always go as planned, and there will be fallout. Nobody is perfect, no matter how hard one might aspire to becoming the “perfect” witch, your experience will be relative to your own life.

She Who Has a Toe in The Pool
This woman calls herself a witch, loves rituals, and sometimes spells and things of that nature, but she doesn’t like to study or work toward any sort of structure. She’s a free-flowing spirit, and doesn’t care for structure very often, as she feels that it binds her. She always lands on her feel when the winds of change blow. Main Lesson: One can create a focused practice that is structure-free and mutable, but is still a very meaningful practice.

She Who Knows All
She’s read a few of books, tried her hand at ritual a few times and has met with a few local witches in her area. Her spells have even worked. She’s been called to by a specific Goddess and just knows that being Her priestess will become her life’s work. She feels as though she knows a lot and begins teaching other newbies the things she’s learned from her books, though she’s only been studying and practicing a few months. Other people who practice differently, practice wrong. She learned the right way through books and experience, and if people don’t understand the way she practices, well, they just aren’t real witches. Main Lesson: There’s more to the craft than can be found in books, and a few months of experience. Wisdom comes from knowledge and experience, and the mysteries must be experienced. It’s not up to US to decide who the “real” witches are. People practice differently- and the way other people practice are not your responsibility, so long as they don’t affect you.

What type of newbie are/were you? Are/were you more than one type?

July Altar 2010

Just a little slideshow of my personal altar this month. I haven't had an altar up since April, really, so this is a nice change. I've had some mess going on in my back Craft room, so it wasn't possible until this weekend!