Felt Critter!

It’s been awhile since I posted a personal blog. Whenever I feel like blogging about something, it ends up as a tweet or a status update, since I’m so rarely near a computer, lately.

This weekend, I went to Michaels and spent most of the money I had made on my jewelry. I bought candle and soapmaking goodies (candle making is spendy). I also decided to attempt to make a cute felt creature. It ended up looking like a zombie kitty, so I’m calling it a voodoo kitty. These are for things I plan to sell at Pagan Pride Day. The candles will be the most difficult, as I want to match all kinds of intent with scent and color, so I really need to plan those out accordingly. I bought an oil scent kit that I can use with both soaps and candles (along with my EOs, and my other scents I already have), and so I’m looking forward to planning it out and then doing it. I might spend my labor day laboring over candle making.

I’m hard at work on my felt critters. The photo is of my prototype, though I’m going to either blanket or whipstitch the top of the head with contrasting thread, rather than machine sew it- I think it will give it a cuter look. It was very difficult for me to try to move the material as I sewed the edges up. I’m used to sewing in a straight line (that’s all I can do), but for this, I had a lot of stopping and starting and moving and turning- it was very challenging. I also need to work on some jewelry, but that’s easier to do in a group setting, and in front of the TV. As Pagan Pride Day is in September this year, I need to get my crafty ass in gear.