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I know that I’ve posted etiquette posts in the past, but almost every time my group hosts an open event, there are more issues that come up. From joining a coven, to attending an open event, there are some rules of etiquette that should be kept in mind. Most of these are common sense, one might think, but unfortunately, it seems that poor manners are more commonplace.

Circle Etiquette:

• If you have questions, or if there is no explanation beforehand, ask questions before the ritual begins
• If you have allergies or food issues, let your hosts know prior to the ritual
• Don’t enter, or leave the circle once it’s been cast.
• Follow what everyone else is doing, to the best of your abilities
• If you need to leave during circle for an emergency, speak with one of the hosts
• Do not touch the altar, or anything on the altar, unless invited to
• Do not talk during the ritual (unless its part of the ritual) – this is super rude and an awesome way to guarantee to not be invited again

Group Event Etiquette

• Be on time. If this is impossible, do you very best to give an accurate ETA to the contact whose info you have
• If asked to wear a certain color, do your best to wear it
• If asked to bring something (like for potluck), then do it. Don’t be that person who doesn’t bring anything and noms down on the buffet line
• Do not get wasted. Also, If you didn’t bring alcohol and there is a limited amount, abstain.
• If you want to smoke cigarettes, ask where you might be able to do so
• If you want to smoke pot, ask your host if that’s alright. Don’t just light up, even if you know your hosts partake
• Do not bring anything illegal to an event, this may include alcohol to public parks. This puts the reputation of the group, AND the Pagan community on the line
• It’s really nice if you ask if you can help in any way – this isn’t usually expected, but always appreciated
• Don’t complain about anything at the event (ie: the ritual, the lack of anything, etc.)
• Always keep in mind that these people have worked hard on the event

Coven Joining Etiquette - http://ivyartemisia.blogspot.com/2011/03/joining-coven.html

• Don’t come in with an entitled attitude. It’s likely the coven doesn’t need another member. Also please don’t expect the coven to change to meet your needs
• Expect to start at the beginning- especially with a non-eclectic tradition- you’ll have to learn the coven’s traditions, and most likely some sort of Wicca 101 class
• Just because you have 15 trillion years of experience, don’t act like you are better than anyone else
• Don’t be a kiss ass, we’ll see right through that
• As a dedicant, etc. please do what is asked of you- it’s usually for a reason, even if it’s not clear to you
• If the coven doesn’t accept you as a dedicant, try not to take it personally, it just means you weren’t the right fit for the group. Better to know now, rather than later

I might add a few things to this, it seems to be a work in progress. Anything else that you might add to this list?


Cat said...

The voice of experience. While I'm not a great fan of rules, there is generally a reason why each and every rule exists.

ranjan said...

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