One more toe in the pool!

So, I've made one more step into actually turning my hobby into a business. I registered a domain name, and am trying a hosting service. I'm planning on using wordpress, since it looks like many of my peers are using it. Evidently there is a shopping cart plug in? Well, I'll see, I guess. I don't know that I'm going to apply for a merchant account right away, since I'm signed up for paypal and google checkout.

I need to take new photos of all of the jewelry. I'm only going to take a few photos of each, so I don't get overwhelmed (or get the hubby to do it for me ;)

I want to turn this into an actual business, so I need to research how to do this. I tried to get the state to stop sending me business tax nonsense once I stopped selling IRW, but they didn't close my account or whatever. I guess I need to get them to close that down so that I can apply for a Sellers Permit under my business name instead. Unless I can just change that. I got something in the mail- I think it's all done online now- so I'll look into that.

I'm kind of excited, and looking forward to 2010.

I bought new tackle boxes yesterday to migrate my beads to- will give the old ones to the hubby along with the rest of the tackle box. I really liked that box, because it had a shoulder strap, but now I have too many beads for it anyway. Also hit up the Beadworks and Wal-Mart Saturday. Bought some fun glass beads- was planning on doing some multi colored/random bead bracelets on memory wire, but one of my coven sisters beat me to the punch and I got one for Yule. Its so pretty and I love it! So, I don't want to look like a copycat- so, I guess for now I'll stick to the monochromatic ones that I've been working on. Cookie Lee has multi-colored beaded jewelry in the catalog this go-around, and I want to make a necklace like the one my co-worker has.

Once I'm organized, I want to try to organize a beading meetup or something! Along with a scrapbook crop, since I have a blue million prizes I could give away. Oh my. I just typed "blue million." That's something that hubby always says- yikes!


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