Founders Park (07-16-10)

I went to Founders Park Friday evening with Yvonne and Jen from GSLA. It was a whole lot of fun, though it seemed a bit of a slow night. We were dealing with a lot of background noise, from sirens to fiestas. Founders Park is a little eerie, but definitely feels like a park. Shadows are generated everywhere, due to the unique position of the park; there many streets that lead up to the park, so headlights light up the whole park. It would probably be easier on a week night, rather than a Friday night.

I felt drawn to a specific place, and again saw something in my minds eye, but failed to get any response, even on my recorder. However, I was able to find one possible EVP on my recorder. You'll hear me talk, a dog bark, and then a whispered word/name. Be patient, it may take a few moments to load.

To me, it sounds like someone saying Hannah.


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