May's Full Moon

Tonight's the full moon! I love it when it's stormy here, especially while doing witchy workings. I feel that it adds energy to whatever I'm working on. May is the Hare Moon or Planting Moon (depending on the culture), and the energy that it brings is an energy full of growth, fertility and workings toward keeping ourselves fed. Today, I'm focusing on fertility.I do have a few things to plant in the ground, but am unable to do so in the rain.

Here are a few ideas on what you can do for this full moon:

  • Focus on making a baby!
  • Focus on renewing your creativity
  • Plant seeds in the ground
  • Charge seeds in the moonlight
  • Start some seeds in small containers
  • Or of course, do a working for whatever you need at the moment

If you are looking for some easy plants to start from seeds, I suggest radishes. They go from seed to food in about six weeks. If you start new seeds on week 4, they should be ready to plant by the time you are pulling your grown radishes out of the ground. This is a great lesson to kids about how food doesn't originate in the grocery store.


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