Energy Play Exercises

I posted a tweet in regards to energy exercises, as my group will be doing some of that this weekend. I asked if anyone had any fun ideas. I got nothin'. But that's okay. Here are a few exercises that we've done before.

Energy Balls
Sit down.
Take a few deep breaths and ground yourself using the common tree meditation. Place your roots deep into the ground. On an exhale release all your tension and anxiety. Begin to draw up energy from the ground, into your roots. Feel it flow into your legs, into your torso, and up into your arms. Feel this energy flow into your hands. Let it flow into your cupped hands, creating a small ball of light the size of a pingpong ball. "See" this ball, and use your will to grow it into a tennis ball. Note the color of your energy ball. Change the color of the ball. Now expand your hands and expand the size of the energy ball. Practice changing the size and color of the energy ball.

Partner Energy Ball Practice
Sit across from your partner. One person creates an energy ball in their cupped hands. Their partner sits across from them and cups their hands. The person with the energy ball transfers it to their partner. The partner then changes the size or color and passes it back to the original person. This goes on for awhile, then the partners can do a pass and then discuss what they think they received, and then what they changed.

Group Energy Ball Practice
Sit in a circle. One person creates an energy ball, and passes it to the person on her left. This ball is passed around the circle a few times so everyone can get attuned to the energy. The second time, each person changes the ball a little bit. It's kind of like the old game telephone.

Projecting and Receiving Energy into the Body (Partners)
One partner lays down and the other kneels over them, palms down over the first persons body. The partner laying down closes her eyes. The kneeling partner chooses a part of her partners body to focus on, and begins to channel light healing energy into her partner. The partner laying down is responsible for being receptive to the energy and try to feel where the energy is.

Shields and Energy Balls (Partners)
One person puts her shields up, and another creates energy balls and tosses them at the shield. Then, switch.

Don't be disappointed if you don't guess the color of your partners energy ball, or can't correctly guess where your partner is feeding you energy. Practicing is important, but these exercises are meant to be fun. They will help you get attuned to your energy, as well as the energy of your partners. One thing that is really important is - ground at the end of your energy practice. You are exchanging all kinds of energy, so make sure to ground out any energy that isn't yours.


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