Spring is here... finally.

Last night, I finally felt a little bit inspired. I finally put together my spring altar. I had to put some of my spring things away, because I didn’t want it to look like Spring threw up on my altar. I added my new chalice, and my new wand (from Kentucky). I need a new bottle to hold my water, as my blue one has chipped at the mouth of the bottle. That’s a bummer. I also got my salt dish out of the cupboard, and returned it to its happy rightful place. :)

I also had a chance to meditate last night, and was able to see Brid in a very different way- a way that I might more easily relate to her. Pretty cool, though I wish I was an artist and could sketch Her as she came to me last night.

I’m planning on meditating more often- especially since I have my iPod of twinkleritual music, now. My husband is awesome about leaving me alone for meditation time. Also, I’m trying to trade away my Medieval Scapini tarot deck- it’s just not my thing, and I’d love to play with a new deck.


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