Founders Park (3-26-10)

Just a post with some stuff for analyzing. I haven't gone through even fifteen minutes of my audio, and I have a few interesting things to post. I'll add more as I go along.

This was a little over a minute into just walking around in the park. To me, it sounds like a little girl saying "come with me." You also hear a "whoo" sound that is over the "me" part of the phrase and background whispering that was not us.

40-0125-comewithme by barefootwitch

This is from right after we talked about doing an EVP session. Jessica is mentioning a new device she just bought, and we hear a little voice chime in with a "heeheehee." Its really close to the mic, and you can hear how far away Jessica is. And it's definitely not me.

40-1253-Hehehe by barefootwitch

Using the "spirit box," Jess came up with "baby," and then we hear an odd sound that might be a baby sound?

42-1433-Baby by barefootwitch

I'm going to be editing this post with stuff as I find it.


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