Ides of March Update

It’s been awhile since I wrote a personal blog about what’s up with me. And if you don’t really care about my mid-march Christmas newsletter, it’s fine- I totally understand. :) I know I missed the Ides - its the 19th, but so what? It sounded pretty good.

Everything is well. My (super adorable cutest baby in the world) niece recently had surgery, and it went well! My husband and I are happy, and both sides of our family are doing well. We went to a fun party a few weekends ago, and I made jello shots. I think everyone liked them.

SCGC – Local Paranormal Group
I know in a previous blog I said that I quit the paranormal group that I was a part of. Well, I didn’t, really. So, I’m still doing that – it’s so very interesting. It’s a mystery, not unlike the mysteries that those who follow a Craft path explore. What turns up on the photos, who is talking on my recorder? It’s so strange- in a sexy good way. I’m lucky enough to have met some really awesome people in this group- it was interesting having non-Pagan friends, as literally almost ALL of my friends are some flavor of Pagan. Experiences with these people have also peaked my interested in another spiritual aspect of my life, which I’m sure at some point, I’ll be willing to share more about. Probably. It seems to have been worth the obstacles I found in my way.

CTM – Eclectic Wiccan Coven
The coven is fantastic. I’m so lucky to be a part of this circle of young women. Well, I guess some of us are getting older. Like me. Are you still a young woman if you are over 30? Oh, eff it. You are as young as you feel, right? Anyway, we’re gearing up for our Ostara (spring equinox) circle tomorrow, and planning our Beltane campout. We’re also hosting a meet and greet next month for those who want to join us, and also a SCSW party- but really most of that ends up falling on the sisters who’s house we’re at for that. Our dedicant is over halfway through our dedicant classes, and we might end up taking more dedicants in the summertime.

SCSW – Witchy Social Group
SCSW stands for SoCalSisterWitches - a witchy women’s social group that we spun off of another inspired women’s group. Any witchy woman in southern California can join. We’ve had quite a few new members and I hope that they’ll come to the party in April!

Crafty Business – Twisted Vine Studio
Well, though I haven’t felt inspired lately, I’ve purchased a few displays. One is an earring display that was MUCH bigger than I had anticipated and now I have nowhere to put it. Suckage. That’s my bad. I don’t’ even have enough earrings made to fill it up. Ha! I was planning on using some of my bonus money last month to pay for my business creation paperwork stuff, but it ended up having to go to bills instead. Well, eventually, I’ll get that taken care of. Until then, I’ll work on marketing ideas, inventory and display ideas. I do have a website, although I’m having an issue with getting the paypal to work. You can add stuff into your cart, and fill out your shipping/billing info, but not actually pay. Hilarious! Oh well. I’ll get it there eventually. I did change the look and I love it now. It matches the earthyness of my marketing materials. I need to re-do the Midnight Artemisia logo, though. If you want to look around (since you can’t actually buy anything- LOL) its at

Other Ventures – Writing, etc.
I’m still working on my Wicca 101 book- its going to be a culmination of my classes- marketed toward study groups, and solitaries needing some structure. I also have an idea of another book, but it’s in a completely different genre and is about relationships. I also might start teaching online classes through my own site, since I installed moodle in a subdirectory of my shop site. If I could make a little money through that, it would be nice, but I’d have to find time first, right?


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