White Roses

White roses symbolize purity, reverence, loyalty and sincerity. They are also known as “flowers of light.” A white rose blooming in the early fall prophesizes and early marriage.

There is a version of the myth of Aphrodite’s birth in which as Aphrodite was born, risen from the sea, where the sea foam touched the earth, white roses appeared. Also, other myths surrounding Aphrodite say that she was often adorned with roses, and a rose bush grew within the pool of blood spilled from Adonis, Aphrodite’s murdered lover. Roses were colored red, also when Aphrodite pricked her finger trying to help Adonis. The blood fell upon the rose, staining it red.

In Arthurian myths, the white rose symbolized treachery. There is a fairie name of Rhoswen, which means “white rose.” In Islamic tradition, it’s claimed that a white rose sprung from Mohammad on his journey to heaven and was stained red with his blood. The white rose is also known as a symbol of silence. When Cupid was found toying with a nymph, he offered a single white rose to Harpocrates in his attempt to keep the matter quiet. Harpocrates is now represented holding a white rose against his lips.


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