Spring is so fickle!

The weather has been so fickle the past few weeks. From super hot, to cold and rainy... well, I guess that's spring!

My radishes have all been harvested, and the new seedlings are about ready to be planted in their place. My zucchini has a bunch of leaves... still small, but it already has a flower. My green beans are flowering, and I need to thin out my cukes. Green tomatoes are on a few of my tomato plants, and my heirloom pair tomato plant went from halfway dead to a growth spurt.

Next on my list of things to acquire is a kit for canning. Whether or not my tomatoes come in, I'm going to make homemade pasta sauces and salsas, and can them. I'm hoping to have lots of cucumbers so that I can make pickles, as well. This is part of my homespun agenda. At some point in my life, I'll be able to have myself a little homestead. Until then, it can't hurt to learn some skills.

Starting a vegetable garden has really helped me connect more with the earth and Her cycles. Now, if I can just get the "healthy eating" thing down pat! Part of me has this wonderful plan to create healthy meals and eat them! And the realistic part of me is exhausted when I get home from work. Add to that consistant back pain and it's just not feasible for now. But, like canning, I'm learning how to cook healthy meals, so that when I am not exhausted, I will already have the skills I need.

I celebrated the full moon with my coven sisters this past Tuesday. What a lovely ritual we had. <3 I am lucky to be a part of these women's lives.


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