My Latest Harvest Altar


Here are a few photos of my latest altar, and Aphrodite shrine. We're talking about them a lot in the SoCalSisterWitches yahoogroup, and so I fixed mine up. It's been up, but I added a few touches to it.

The first photo is my main altar. The left side has my goddess candle, one of my singing bowls, my holy water in the blue bottle, a few small dishes, a candle and my ceramic water cauldron. Right now, the coven's Artemis candle is there too. In the center is an offering dish and a few Lughnasadh things. The right side holds my clay pentacle, crystals, my scrying mirror and my salt in the brown bottle. My fairy incense holder and chalice are over there, too. In two weeks, it will be completely different, so wanted to post a photo now. Also posting my shrine. :)


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