Ritual Themes and Ideas for Mabon


Below are a few themes and ideas for your Mabon rituals. :)


In circle:

• Do a guided meditation in regards to balance

• Honor Ma'at, an Egyptian goddess of justice and balance

• Figure out what is causing you imbalance, and do a bit of petition magic, burning it away

Outside of circle:

• Take some time out in nature to really feel the energy of the earth as She comes back into balance.

Thanksgiving/ Fruit Harvest

In circle:

• Have everyone bring a fruit and ask the god/dess for blessing, then make fruit salad and eat!

• Put a bunch of grapes on a plate. Pass it around, taking turns- state something that you are thankful for, eat a grape, and them place on in the offering dish

• Face each direction and give thanks to each direction, using the correspondences to guide your thanks- Finances and job (north), Passion, hobbies (south), knowledge or travel (east) and relationships or psychism (west). Come to the center, and thank the god/dess.

• Honor Abundantia- a Roman goddess of abundance and prosperity

Outside of circle:

• Actually harvest your (or neighbors) garden

• Volunteer at a soup kitchen or do a food drive

• Make mead or fruit wine

• Go apple picking

Goodbye to Summer/ Wheel Turning

In circle:

• Raise energy to aid the gods in the turning of the wheel

• Bless collected pinecones to place on the altar until Yule

• Cut open an apple to find the pentacle inside

• Honor Demeter, a mother goddess of the harvest

Outside circle:

• Do fall crafts: create a harvest wreath, make pinecone birdfeeders, apple dolls

• Shoot off any leftover 4th of July fireworks (if in America :)

• Do the last of your summer activities

• Do some canning of your harvest bounty so you'll have it in winter

• Gather leaves, seed pods, sticks- whatever calls to you

Crone/ Approaching Darkness

In circle:
• "Shadow side" work

• Work on facing your fears

• Honor Hecate- a Greek crone goddess

• Anything that you feel is dark and mysterious

• Have a croning ritual, for any crone witches in your circle

Outside of circle:

• Spend some time in the dark, getting to know it

• Honor actual crones in your life

• Volunteer at a nursing home, some of those ladies love to talk, and their stories impart wisdom


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