A is also for the struggle I have with Air


My PBP entry for this week is about Air. Most people know that air is one of four core earthly elements. Most people also know that it usually corresponds to the eastern quarter of a circle, and the associated color is usually yellow. Air is most often represented in ritual by incense, as it’s a small and easy way to be able to ‘see’ the usually invisible element. Air is at the upper left point of the pentagram, and is also associated with the suit of swords in the tarot. Air, as a crucial element is a relatively modern addition to Pagan practice. Most non-Wiccans don’t utilize it in their practices. It’s thought that the inclusion of Air was done by Gerald Gardner, as he melded part of the teachings of the Golden Dawn with local folk witchcraft to create what we now call the Wiccan faith.

As I am a Wiccan, the element of Air is a crucial part of my practice. I understand that it’s one of the four elements. I honor air within my circle. My censer sits upon my altar, the little charcoal disk enticing me to light it and watch the element of fire sparkle across its surface. However, it’s always been very difficult for me to really connect with the element of Air. Fire, earth, water, we can all see, but air is relatively intangible. Even incense needs fire in order to manifest the smoke. In the past, I’ve been drawn to ADF practice, and I think part of that is the honoring of sky, sea and water. Their rituals also include honoring the fire. Logically, I realize that air is important. Fire needs air to start, Air can drive the sea to large waves, like hurricanes. The earth nourishes the trees that also need air to survive. But, there can be a long distance between understanding something logically, and being able feel connected to it. Understanding and connection can sometimes go hand-in-hand, but not always. Usually understanding a concept really helps me connect with it, so it’s been a pretty frustrating trip with air. Air is also associated with knowledge, probably because, knowledge too, is intangible.

I love the feeling of the breeze – it’s my favorite part of going to the beach! I love reading- it’s my favorite pastime. My main challenge is connecting those feelings and connections to the incense on my altary. It’s not that I NEVER connect with air, I have my moments. However, it’s the element I struggle with the most.


Livi said...

*hugs* I wish I could offer some advice. Maybe try practising outside when there's a bit of a breeze?

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