My Poor, Confused Garden


We’ve had some unseasonably warm weather, lately, and I’m assuming that’s part of the reason my tomato plants are still producing. What’s really interesting to me is that I had a whole lot of pollination issues this past growing season that manifested in crooked cukes, zukes with blossom end rot, and TINY grape tomatoes. Now that they aren’t really competing for pollinators, my grape tomatoes are back to being grape sized, and before it gave up the ghost due to mildew, my zucchini gave us one more actual zucchini. (The gardener cut it back, I think. He probably wanted to mow the lawn, and the zuke plant had crept out about 10 feet into the lawn. )

So, it’s about time to clear out the front garden. I didn’t make time to do so this weekend, but I will soon enough. I need to clear away weeds from my raised bed, and start buying bags of soil for the big planter we’re doing this year. I think most of my bonus money (if we get a bonus this year) will be going to our drip irrigation system my hubby wants to set up for me *swoon*. In the front, we have this big dirt patch that I tried to plant melons in last year (I think the gardeners thought my seedlings were weeds). This year, I bought some wildflower mix!

My wildflowers bring all the bees to the yard!

I’m going to put them in the front of the windows, and in some pots to place throughout the garden, hopefully to encourage better pollination this year. I also bought butterfly weed to grow, as well. I am learning more each year that I grow things. It’s so fun. And it’s only two more months before I start my seeds. If the weather continues to be this nice, though, I don’t know if I’ll even have to start new tomatoes.


Anonymous said...

Test comment.

Cat said...

We did wildflowers one year and they reseeded themselves for years till (after we left) the landlord paved over my first garden.

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