Imbolc 2 (@ Home)

Tonight is actually Imbolc, Brighid's feast day. So after a tough and tiring day at work I came home and made one of my favorite Irishy dishes, Potato Soup!


So, it looks kinda gross in the pot, but it looks pretty yummy once you pretty it up with sour cream, bacon and cheese!


Then I put together my altar to Brighid (and Imbolc). I know I might have work people who read this on FB, and hopefully you won't be judgy, but I'm a Wiccan-flavored Pagan. And Brighid is very important to me. So, here are a few photos of my Imbolc Altar. I have a one of a kind hearth goddess statue patterned after Hestia, but tonight I'm using it to represent Brighid, the Irish goddess of the hearth, as well as the fire, forge, inspiration, childbirth, marriage, fertility and more! Two candles represent balance and polarity. The candle on the left represents Her fire, and the small cauldron on the right represents her well at Kildare. The clear sparkly gems represent snow and the concept that although it might feel like spring today, but we still have some winter left. :)



This month's focus of my group is Brighid, and I have a few things I need to do tonight to facilitate that. I'm posting a bunch of activities one might do to get in touch and connect with the goddess Brighid. I'll post them here, as I need to post in our forum anyway. :)

~Fire scrying
~Create a safe childbirth charm for a pregnant friend or family member
~Create something using metal, like jewelry or a decor item
~Write poetry
~Meditate on Brid and how she might influence your life this year
~Make candles
~Create a shrine to Brighid and pray/light candles to Her
~Create a well dressing or other work of art like a mosaic
~Dedicate a candle to Brighid and decorate it with her picture or other Brid-like ephemera

Stay tuned for Imbolc, part 3- our Coven ritual. I'll post a few pictures, while I won't be able to give details. But I love photos, so you'll see a few from me!


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