So, for some reason lately (new moon a'risin'?), I've been really wanting to write. Which is cool and all, but I just wish that it didn't come upon me while I was at work. This morning, an aspecting sort of invocation came to me. I use 'aspecting sort of invocation' rather than the overused term "invocation" when people really mean evocation. This invo would come *after* a regular sort of invocation, like the four part invo's I teach in class, based off of Lipp's model in her books. So, I needed to throw this up on my blog so that I didn't lose it in the whirlwind that is my worklife.

So that your voice falls from my lips, so that I feel as you feel.
For a time no longer than ____ minutes, let my ears hear as yours, let my eyes see as you see.
As I breathe deeply of your essence, let us be one.


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