One Small Thing Can Really Upset the Apple Cart

I’ve joined a few causes on FB, and one of them really pissed me off today. There is a cause dedicated to saving the Motion Picture Hospital. My understanding is that there is danger of having a hospital closed- one specifically for those who work in the TV and Film industries. I was getting ready to send cause invites to the people who I know who are either ‘in the industry,’ or have a family member ‘in the industry.’ Some of my friends are related to (or are friends with) award winning industry people. So, I was getting ready to send this along, since one of the emails I received from the cause mentioned sending along to people who know people. I get it. If someone was trying to close a hospital for aged advertising people, maybe I’d be fervent about the cause, too. So, then I get this email entitled NO MORE EXCUSES and it’s about this rally on Saturday, and how everyone needs to be there, etc. I was so irritated- no more excuses? Guilt isn’t a great motivator. And I sent a message back to that organizer saying so. I got back a pat message saying, “Thanks for your message! Will we see you on Saturday?”

Seriously? As soon as I can, I’m unjoining that cause. The organizers send a lot of messages that come into my FB and email inbox, but I was cool with it until they tried a guilt trip.

A similar situation is happening at work today, except its several small things. At the same time, 3 people asked me to do simple easy tasks that would take much less time for them to do, than for me to do. But they are too “busy” to do it. It can be really frustrating. I know there are other assistants that will read this on FB and feel my pain.

Skip the following paragraph, if you’ve already read my angry myspace blog about the lack of recognition due to busy co-workers.
I understand that I’m an assistant, but I don’t think anyone really knows how much I do. I support 3 account managers, coordinate all trade paperwork (including Hawaii), manage the trade account for our local large sports venue and entertainment company (which includes research, putting together orders, etc), coordinate all political paperwork (including viewing every single political spot), update the public file for the FCC every day, take care of last year’s discrepancies for a large agency, and do the office manager stuff (order supplies, compile paperwork for the boss, order catering, etc). Most assistants manage 2-4 AEs, and do the office manager stuff. I’m beta testing a new piece of software along with a few other assistants in our company, and I’m always called in for focus groups, or when we have efficiency consultants. I like that, though- I feel like I might be able to make a difference.

I feel like I’m good at what I do, and I like that feeling. I like being able to take on new and interesting responsibilities, but I wish there was a way to be upwardly mobile about it. We just had layoffs, and I’m really lucky to have a job. I just wish I knew where this job was going to take me. Will I be an assistant for the rest of my life?

And my shoe broke today. I’m going to repair it with scrapbook supplies since I can’t replace them right now. They are my only pair of black workish shoes. I’m glad tomorrow is jeans Friday.


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