Spirituality Plans for the Near Future

It's come to my attention that I haven't been as spiritually minded as I'd like to be, as I once was. I chalked it up to several things. First, my house 'wasn't clean enough.' Then, DHs laundry was clutterring up the space where I meditate, near my altar. So, once my entire house was cleaned (I even cleaned all the knickknacks), and DHs piles and piles of laundry were done, it changed nothing. That kind of hit me today.

So, what to do? I know that I work best within a structured environment. So, I guess I need to come up with a new routine. Meditate each day. Come home, change into comfies and meditate! It's a little hard for me to meditate without incense (DH is allergic- boo!) but I can burn some scented candles or something. I'm just writing as ideas come into my head. I should do maybe 10-15 minutes of yoga and then meditate for 10-15 minutes. In my head, I know that would be so great for me (and my back).

In addition to coming up with a specific routine, I think I might need to be stimulated. I need to start working on studying something new. I'd say tarot, but the faeries have jacked the 2 decks I usually use. I RARELY lose anything, so to have misplaced two decks of tarot cards. I've been working on tarot a lot, everyonce in a while. I might bring that with me to Kentucky, but I want to tone down the witchiness while in certain parts of KY.

I'm thinking of going through my books and seeing if I have anything on strengthening psychic powers, or healing. I know I have one on OBEs, but thats not something I'm really that interested in. That happened once and I didn't get very far before I freaked out and snapped back.

So, my new plan is to:
~focus on my personal spirituality
~meditate daily
~find a new course of study
~put my newest herbs away
~redo my altar so it will be springy when I come back from KY


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