Tired, sick, but the Gods don't take a sick day.

On the heels of my return to Kentucky, we celebrated Ostara. I'm lucky because my BFF facilitated this circle, so I didn't have to take care of anything, since I hadn't even been back an entire day. Hopefully, the seed of my will will grow, as it is planted deep within a flower bulb. I'm really looking forward to Beltane. As we now have an even number of people, maybe we could pull off a maypole. That would be awesome.

My plan to fix up my altar before I left didn't happen. Once I did come back, I got out much of my springy altar things, and put away my Brighid's cross. But its not together yet. It will be, though, and I'll take a picture and post! I still can't hear out of my ears, as they are both clogged, but I think I feel well enough to put it together today. You'll also see my new chalice. Its pinkish and the perfect size!

I've been meditating more often since my return from Kentucky. It's been easy to focus on a sound... the constant ring in my ears. It's been helpful, and I feel like I'm making the most of being sick. :)


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