Labor Day Weekend

This is the least intuitive computer I've ever been on. When I double-click on a picture, don't open photoshop- it takes like 10 minutes to fully load. Damnit. Anyway.

This labor day weekend has been full of labor, and lazy. This past Saturday, my coven had an open event called Night of a Thousand Goddesses. It was really nice. Too bad my wrist was hurting so much, I could barely concentrate on my presentation. Blowage. We had new interested sisters, and I like to be at my best when we have new people. Oh well. Perhaps its the Goddess telling me I try too hard? I learned two things that night: 1) I shrug my shoulders like a moron when I get excited, and 2) if I write notecards from what I know, just go from my brain, stop focusing o the cards. I was in a lot of pain, so I wasn't at my best, like I said. Bummer.

I don't know whats really up with my wrist and forearms, but they were hurting like the dickens, with big swollen lumps of muscley goodness Saturday night into Sunday morning. Sunday, I ran around with the hubby- picked up some sweet tea vodka. Yup, its super super good. Today, I helped my MIL pick out some new rugs for her bathroom. I think she wants to upgrade the style of her bathroom. Cool deal!

We ate so well tonight. Crab legs, shrimp, steak, corn on the cob... yummers! I only ate a little of each, as my tummy hates it when I mix my meats. *rimshot*

I uploaded my Lopez Lake camping pics to my facebook and my photobucket. Had hives really bad- scratched myself scabby this weekend. So, I sucked it up and took the prednisone. It drive me crazy because it makes me want to eat everything in sight! So its harder than usual to not do that!

And what would a blog entry be without a cat video/photo/story. Okay, so I went to put away my laundry (yay, its all done), and I found the cat in my back room. The back room is a mess due to the flooding issues we had here, and so the cat was crazy and climbed the the highest point in the room. So, of course I took a little video. I was crazy sceered that she would hit her head on the ceiling fan...


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