Really? Now what.

So, my hubbys office is flooded. Which means, his stuff goes into my room (the only clutter-free room in the house. My one place I can actually relax). Our bathroom is wrecked, the bedroom is still messy, and the playroom- which is to be our living room is still filled with boxes that need to go to storage, and his sisters crap that she didn't take with her. So. Basically this means, I'm pretty much confined to our bedroom thats pretty messy, or the 5'x5' spoce where the couch is in the playroom.

I know that this is NO ONES fault. But I'm quite unhappy. I enjoy not having to pay rent, but this is fucking ridiculous.

I haven't been home yet, but it seems as though I won't have any space to be able to do anything. We can't even sit at the dining room table, because the stuff from the kitchen is on it. I have more to add, but I just got back from a training and have to pee. so. bad.


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