The end is coming!

At least, the end of my online classes! And not too soon, as Wicca 101 classes start up at the end of November. I love the Wicca 101 classes, and its great having sisters who will volunteer to teach, so I don’t get burned out. The online classes sometimes end up feeling like a chore. I think, if I got paid, rather than doing it out of the “goodness of my heart” I might feel better about it. It’s just that the students move on afterwards, and I end up feeling empty. Maybe it’s because with my regular classes, the students are working toward initiation, and at the end of the day, I receive feedback and continued interaction with them. They (usually) integrate into my coven family, and we all become sisters. And then I feel like my hard work and energy actually influenced someone, rather than being a 12 week blip on their calendar.

I’m wrestling with whether or not I should continue to be the manager of the Circle of Teaching. I don’t know that I’ll be able to give it the time I feel it deserves in 2010, as I have some new projects that I have launching, including trying to turn my crafting into a business, and a Pagan networking project I’d like to give some time to. I’d also like to focus on my personal studies, something that I have totally flaked out on. I do MUCH better with structure, and support- though it didn’t always used to be the case. I need to focus on tarot more, and work on a daily devotional. I just need to figure out a way to structure that so I actually FOLLOW through with it.


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