Just another weekend.

This weekend, I did a craft fair. It was a really small affair, in the crop room of a local scrapbooking shop. Only a few vendors came, but I had a great time with the other women. I made jewelry while we waited for customers. I ended up making $45, but better than that, I went by myself, and was actually very happy with how I felt about it. I was a happy camper last night.

Then, today! The red fairy visited, and I felt like poo all day. So, I babied myself. Went to my moms, and visited my sister and niece (and BIL, of course), My sis had an awful reaction to H1N1- she's asthmatic and was scarily sick. SCARY. Lots of prayers went up for her this week. So, other than sleeping late (slept like shit last night) and resting I just babied myself all day. I just got out of a candlelit shower and feel relaxed.

I popped my deep fryer cherry today and made fried mushrooms (and zucchini 'cause I had leftover batter). It was a great red wine and garlic butter. It smelled like The Melting Pot to me. They will forever be known as "Melting Pot Mushrooms" from now on.


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