10 Things to Learn Before Calling Yourself Wiccan on a Public Forum

If you call yourself Wiccan on a forum, in a chatroom, on a message board, etc... here are 10 things you probably will want to learn/know. If you are speaking with those who have read at least a book or two on the craft, they will expect you to know at least a little about the religion since you are claiming to be a practitioner. If you don't care whether or not another craft practitioner takes you seriously, then feel free to completely ignore this post. Be aware that this is my opinion. :)

1. Know that Wicca isn’t ancient- it’s only been around about 50 years or so.
2. Learn what the word tradition (trad) means- and that if you don’t know what it means- you are probably eclectic.
3. Learn what a pantheon is.
4. Learn the difference between Wicca and witchcraft… and Paganism.
5. Know enough about Salem Witch Trials to *at least* know that witches weren’t burned there.
6. Wicca isn’t about spells. Well, not entirely. Talk to other Wiccans established in their practices to find out what their main goal is. Answers, of course, will vary.
7. Wicca is the religion, Wiccan is the practitioner.
8. Know that Wicca does not equal Goth. Nor does it equal Hippie. All kinds of people practice Wicca.
9. Learn that polarity means Goddess AND God.
10. Know that money doesn’t buy you a degree or experience in Wicca. Neither does age, or how many years one says they've spent learning the Craft. There is no shortcut.
11. People lie (especially on the interwebz). I can say that I've spent 60 years practicing an ancient tyme craft of the ancient cavepeople. That doesn't mean it's true. Use your common sense.
12. The word "rede" means advice. It doesn't mean law. The Wiccan Rede is advice- not Wiccan "law."

Okay, so that was eleven. I know... but that last one I came up with as I was editing the post.
And I added #12.


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