TMP Post: Thursday, July 07, 2005

For the record, I don't hate teachers at all. This one isn't all that funny. But it amused me this morning.

maas_1432001: i am m29 form india
ivyfyre: Congratulations.
maas_1432001: ur form?
ivyfyre: Form?
ivyfyre: 1050 EZ?
maas_1432001: thnx
ivyfyre: Is that the right form?
ivyfyre: I always screw up my tax return.
ivyfyre: Are you from the IRS?
maas_1432001: no
maas_1432001: i am from india
ivyfyre: Oh.
ivyfyre: Then why did you ask about my form?
maas_1432001: ya
ivyfyre: Yeah.
maas_1432001: just
maas_1432001: ur doing job?
ivyfyre: Only if my job requres sleeping.
ivyfyre: Do you like to sleep?
maas_1432001: y not
ivyfyre: why?
maas_1432001: but i am woking as a teacher
ivyfyre: I hate teachers


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