And things change.

I've decided to leave that paranormal group this morning. It was dumb of me to stay anyway, I guess.

I just re-read my little ranty blog entry and evidently I was pissed and needed to vent. I'm not pissed any more, nor do I remember being that pissed, but it kind of lets me know that I made the right decision.

Of course, this doesn't mean that I can't still have the interest, or investigate on my own, just that that specific group wasn't a good fit for me, at least not right now. There are several reasons why it was a good idea for me to leave- I should have looked at them as indicators or signs, rather than challenges to be overcome. ‘Cause seriously, sometimes it’s really difficult to discern between the two. The group is great, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a paranormal group, but evidently it wasn’t for me right now. I think the post that the director/leader posted this morning was the clue by four I needed.
It’s a bummer, because I was really looking forward to investigating with like minded people, and helping families in need. But, this is good on several fronts. I’ll have more time to spend with the hubby, and plan on peeling him away from WoW more often to go places on the weekends, which I know we’ll both enjoy. I’ll have more time to be a better leader in my coven, and more time to focus on some witchy projects. I’ll also have time to craft jewelry more often. This year is going to be about me.


Some resolutions for 2010
  • I’m going to craft only when I feel like it- not when I feel like I should.
  • I’m going to start a daily practice.
  • I’m going to run my crafty selling as a *side* thing for fun! Not for the fame, fortune and money, but because I enjoy it. When I stop enjoying it, I’ll stop.
  • I’m going to be okay with the natural cycle of enthusiasm- sometimes I will feel sick of participating in anything. I‘ll know I need to ride it out.
  • I’m going to eat more vegetables, and find a fun way to exercise.
  • I’m going to stop feeling like I *should* do this or that, and instead do things I want to do. Watch more TV. Meditate more, or whatever!



Tyrvald said...

It wasn't dumb to stay, just stubborn...

Your resolutions are great! Allow me to convert some instances of "try" into "do"!

I make art when I am inspired to do so. I practice daily. I enjoy crafting crafts when I feel crafty, selling if only to share my art. I'm enthusiastic when I'm enthusiastic. I eat lots of veggies! I follow my true will, watching my shows and meditating when it suits me.

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