Black Bean Quesadillas

Makes two 8" quesadillas

1- can black beans
1- yellow onion
4- 8" tortillas
shredded cheese
garlic salt

Slice onion however you like (I like 1.5" strips). Warm a little olive oil in a skillet, and place onion in the skillet. Saute until the onions are clear, and a little brown. Remove from skillet and set aside. Open the can of beans and drain most of the liquid out. Dump into the skillet, and sprinkle with garlic salt. Heat the beans up over medium heat until they are a little soft- and easily squished with a fork (think about what texture you'd want in your quesadilla).

For the quesadillas, butter or oil one side of a torilla and place butter side down in a skillet. layer a bit of shredded chesse, then spread half of the beans out over the cheese. Add half of the grilled onions, and follow that up with more cheese. I like to make sure the cheese reaches the outer rim of the tortilla to make it stick better. Butter/oil one side of another tortilla and place that butter side up atop the quesadilla innards. Let cheese melt and then flip over (I am unskilled and need two spatulas, because it's the middle is full of yummy stuff). Continue cooking until the other side is cooked through. If your tortilla is mushy/oily, just turn up the fire and keep an eye on it to make the tortilla crunchy.

Repeat process with the remaining two tortillas.

My plan is to serve this with a sante fe style salad (lettuces + green onions + corn + tortilla strips and possibly red bell pepper) for dinner. Vegetarian yumminess.

Edit: I added bell peppers and made this spread out into 4 total quesadillas (8 tortillas). It's possible. :)


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