Building a Garden Bed!

Last year, I just plunked some plants in the ground, and had some success, so I’m going bigger this year, with carrots, lettuce, radishes, beans and more. I’m very excited. This weekend, my husband and I build a garden bed. It was super simple, and while it was more expensive that I expected, now that we have the correct screws and the weed preventative, it will be less expensive the next time we do it. I chose redwood, as it’s a harder wood, and less prone to rot. Our bed is 6’ x 3’. We purchased our wood at Lowe’s, where they were kind enough to cut it for us, saving us a big step. We bought a 2 x 8 that was 12 feet long (had them cut in half), and a 2” x 8” that was 8 feet long (cut in 3 foot sections with 2’ left over). When we got home, we attached them with the screws we bought, and then cut stakes and staked it in the ground so it wouldn’t move. We then filled it with 4 bags of soil we purchased. Ta da! Garden bed. Just in time, as my Ostara seedlings are beginning to sprout! I have two seedling greenhouses I’m starting this week, too, so I think we’ll probably build a second bed. I’m going to also clean out a bunch of pots as well, and may even try growing potatoes. I’m hoping to have a lot of tomatoes this year, and learn how to make pasta sauce from scratch! I’m so blessed to have family that doesn’t mind me taking over their front yard with plants!


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