The Difference Between Wiccan and Pagan

Disclaimer: This is all MY opinion and experience, as a Wiccan, teaching other Wiccans and Pagans. I'm not the end all-be all grand poobah of path naming.

Wicca is a religious path, one of many within the Pagan path. Wiccans heed the Rede, celebrate the eight sabbats, utilize a Wiccan ritual structure, honor polarity in regards to the gods (God/dess) as well as within themselves, and groups are hierarchal in nature.

Pagans can be of many flavors and traditions, but the most prevalent is Eclectic Pagan, doing what works for them. Usually Eclectic Pagans start out with Wiccan-type practices (and call themselves Wiccan), as that ritual information is pretty easily attainable. Then, when their practices change to suit their own personal gnosis and path, they continue to call themselves Wiccan, though their practices have chaanged so they are outside of the scope of Wicca.

(this was my reply to a post from a newbie witch asking for the difference between Wicca and Pagan)


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