Monday, Monday. SO magickal!

Last Saturday’s circle left me feeling quite magickal. And inspired by a post by an interested party on our groups message board, I’m going to try to do a divination journal a few times a week. So, here we go!

Today’s Rune: Pertho

This rune sits on the second aett of the elder futhark runes. It is representative of a dice cup, and is sometimes related to the Wheel of Fortune tarot card. Some believe that it means that something is out of control. Others believe it may mean secrets or mysteries revealed. There are plenty of websites out there- for more info, simply google.

I pulled this rune out of a bag this morning. I didn’t have a question or situation in my mind when I pulled it, nor did I have a place, like in a spread for it to fit into. I pulled it with a blank mind, and blank intent. From now on, I’ll make sure I figure either an intent, or a place when I pull a rune, for contextual purposes. Without a context, I’m just going to assume that this has something to do with me, at some time in the future or present. Lately, I’ve decided that I need to meditate more often, as well as do more spiritual practices. I’ve already started doing offerings (and sometimes sacrifices) daily. I’ll need a separate post for that. But perhaps, as I’ve made the decision to focus more on my personal spirituality (rather than mostly just fostering others) the mysteries that I seek shall reveal themselves.

I’ve found that daily spiritual practices can be sort of like going to the gym. I make all kinds of excuses why I can’t, but when I’m there- in the moment- I’m SO glad I did it. I KNOW it will lead to spiritual health. And I know that I should not let my spiritual health and connection fall by the wayside. And so, next weekend I’m going camping. I need some nature time. Some forced relaxation. Time to read books, and practice tarot and meditate, and drum. And have alone time with my husband. The move has been a little challenging for him to adapt to, and so a weekend of fishing, might be in the cards for him, as well. We have a place we go often- its more deserty, than foresty, but it will do. Maybe I will learn something while out in nature. Maybe that’s what Pertho is saying to me.


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