Looking forward to camping!

We're going camping this weekend. Due to the heat, we were forced to find a new place to camp. We usually camp at Lake Hemet. Its a great place to camp, as its really relaxed- there are no campsite, you just park your stuff whereever you want. However, its going to be 100+ there, so that was a no go. You can't even swim in that lake!

So, we've decided to give Lopez Lake a try. I've been there before, but I was really little, so I don't remember much, except that we were in the Quail campground. I'm really excited, though hubby doesn't seem too excited. I hope that changes. I'm looking forward to spending a weekend with him. The last time we went camping, just him and I? March 2004. Six months after we got together. A long time ago, yes! I will be twitpicing photos- I'm ivyartemisia at twitter. Add me if you like! :)


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