Oh, great Goddess, why have you cursed me?!

Ok, not really. And I know that being a woman, being able to nurture the spark of life inside of us is magickal. And that every month we get an awesome reminder of how magickal we are. Why does it sometimes feel like the worst flu in the entire world before and during “that time of the month?” The older I get, the more symptoms I get: bloating, nausea, sore/tenderness, cramping, exhaustion, irritability, and just overall hellish feeling.

And then we get smacked in the face with “Have a Happy Period” commercials from Always?

Epic fail, Always.

I will NEVER buy another Always product. Because a PAD-of all things- will not give me a happy period. Vicodin might give me a happy period. Possibly a Percocet could give me a happy period. But NOT a flying pad. Why do pads have wings, anyway? To protect your underwear? Oh, that’s right- because pads like Always have “lock in leak protection” or some other BS. Which means, its not very absorbent at all, hence spillage. I don’t care if it “pulls wetness away from your body.” Can you just absorb? Then there will be no need for flying pads. Pads are not usually my product of choice, but I feel very strongly about how they are supposed to work.

And twitter is down?
WTF, Twitter! Why have you forsaken me?! Something is not right in the world when I cannot update my status and/or know if my friends are eating lunch, having tea in the UK, or even going the bathroom! How am I supposed to keep up with everyone?

I think I’m feeling a little bit dramatic today. Well, better this blog then ANOTHER blog post about the cat. Again. I'm turning into the cat story lady.


Wiski said...

I didn't get to tweet about poo'ing today!!!

quietmouse said...

eat some chocolate
i made cookies...they have chocolate

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