Proof I Have a Teenage Sense of Humor

So. I like youtube.
More than just the viral videos that come out.
I subscribe to many people.
One of these people is Shane Dawson (ShaneDawsonTV and ShaneDawson TV2).
He’s 21 (looks younger) and the type of guy you’d love to hang out with. Hilarious as fuck. Just a really funny guy with a nice following on youtube.

Well, another youtuber, Buck Hollywood (WHATTHEBUCKSHOW) created a video about getting to know other youtubers and asked a lot of questions, like,” whats your first name, how old are you?” Shane made a video response to it, and mentioned answering the questions on Bucks channel or his channel. And oh, my god! Every one of the comments I read were from people 12-18 years old. Of course I wasn’t going to go through over 9k comments (yeah, he’s got [and deserves] quite a following), but I went through at least ten pages. Not one comment/response from someone that was 21 years old or older. Of course, I tried to justify this by thinking to myself that maybe all of the “old” people like myself are working right now. And are responsibly not watching youtube. And that’s why the only people posting are kids on their summer vacation.

But let’s face the reality of it. Most adults are probably doing grown-up things.

Like. Um. Washing the car, or cleaning the house, or watching Lifetime Movie Network or some shit. Which, of course I do.. but youtube is so relaxing for me, and can really pick me up after a crappy day at work, or teach me how to wire wrap a crystal bead. I love youtube. Its my friend.

My plan is to eventually get a small camera and make a few videos of my own. Other than ones of the cat. Though I am really addicted to TheMeanKitty channel. I don’t know… people have told me in the past that I’m funny- not that I’d be doing it for other people, mostly just for me. Maybe a different type of creative outlet. If I got a camera, I could make a vlog, or write a short little movie, or do jewelry or witchy oriented tutorials, like how to create an herbal infusion or a gem elixir. It could even give another facet to the online witchy classes I teach.

Not that I plan on ever becoming any sort of youtube celeb, but I’d like to really be part of the youtube community. Even at my old age of 30. Wait. Next month I'll be 31.

I'm a hypercritical hypocrate.

People said I'd love my thirties, but I hate them. I feel too young for old people stuff and too old for young people stuff. I think to myself sometimes, "Am I too old to do this?" The kicker of it is, I'm the FIRST person to tell people that age doesn't matter at all! And in my head I know this- but why am I do fucking hypercritical of my age right now? Maybe once I have a kid, I'll feel more my age. Whatever thats supposed to be, anyway?


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