The diplomacy sometimes gets to be too much. (11/08/08)


I'm on PaganSpace. Its a nice little social network that has an active discussion board. But holy shit- the diplomatic billshit can get crazy over there. They don't have a rule of respect there, like we have on MysticWicks, so it can get pretty heated over there, but wow.

A person posted 20 tenets, saying that all Pagans should follow them. It got a little heated, because people -like me- said that he doesn't get to choose what we all do. Many people agreed with me, but some people called us out for saying that. It made me actually laugh out loud.

This was said to a person who stood up and disagreed with the original poster (I think these two poster have some sort of history):
"I just hate the mob mindless attack on the one they feel is alone and might be an easy prey. Unfortunately, not a single one of the mob, if alone. would dare to attack. People of the mob are the ones who are too coward to fight their fights when standing alone.
Don't worry, Felicity, you made a quite clear picture of what "ugly" means.
I might not agree with Paul, but it's HIS right to think what he thinks, and his right to have his opinion. He was gracious enough to share it with you.Are you sure you want to go there, Felicity? Remember, I'm a lone wolf. I don't mind standing up alone. I don't need to feel the mob behind me for moral support. What about you? ?

My response:
I would completely share my feelings if I faced this guy alone. My response was carefully crafted, and anytime you post on an internet discussion board, you put yourself out there. In addition to this, if you try to tell people how they should act, they are going to tell you to go eff yourself. Rare is the person who likes to be told what to do. I believe that what Paul posted is misinformation that could harm those who are in the learning stages of the craft, and I will stand up for those people.
Of course its his right to think whatever he wants, but its also my right to vocally disagree. Just like there are hate organizations who have the right to assemble, but its my right to stand on the other corner and assemble friends of my own.Paul was not GRACIOUS to share his opinion with us. He called himself humble while telling us how we thought we should all act according to him. He felt he should step in because we have a "lack of Pagan leadership." Thats not grace.

It's also funny to me how "fluffy" people can be on paganspace. I'm not anti-fluff. I'm anti-ignorance, anti-idiots, anti-mindlessness, and anti-those who obviously follow a path with no introspection. Of course this doesn't mean that I'm mean to these people, or regard them with negativity or hate or think less of them as a person. It simply means that I'm less likely to respect what they have to say. We all have this discernment. If someone really truly believes that their God rides the waves of the ocean on a unicorn, and likes lollipops as offerings, I totally respect that- as long as this came from their own feelings and introspection. If someone comes up to me and believes the above because someones ancestors have for thousands of years, and her friend told her it was true, then I'll have less respect for her opinion. THINK, people. Meditate- question- feel- observe.


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