Maintenance of a Toolkit (11/15/08)


I like to consider some BOS' of mine as my priestess toolkit (which is part of the priestess training in my coven). I'm starting a new compilation of information on ritual crafting. I copied some ritual ideas from Womens Rites, Womens Mysteries by Ruth Barrett yesterday and am planning on creating a notebook simply for ritual ideas. I think it's going to definitely help when I am trying to think of something that we have yet to do.

It will also help when I make the inevitable move to Kentucky. I'm trying to make some witchy and coven leader contacts there, so I can join a suitable coven if I find one that I feel may fit me. Or, I might end up starting my own, again. The last thing that I want to happen is for history to repeat itself and end up leading a coven that was poorly structured to begin with. I'm not saying that would happen, but I learned that it was definitely futile to do. I'm not a solitary kind of girl, I really like the energy raised by a group. Whether its rare rituals with a social group, or a closed-knit coven environment, I really enjoy helping facilitate that.

Social anxiety be damned!


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