Here comes the festival of lights!

Every week, on Wednesday, I go to my parents' house and visit with my sister, mom, granny and cousins. It's a nice break in the week. I'll be heading out pretty soon, here.

I'm excited about Imbolc. I think I might try my hand at a "tablescape" and make dinner for my husband and I on Monday night. Originally, I wanted to do it on Imbolc eve, since in Celtic culture, celebrations lasted from sundown the previous day until sundown the day of the holiday. But, the superbowl is interfering with my plan! I'm planning on making potato skins to take to my in-laws for the game, and I'll be able to use the potato leftovers in my (infamous) potato soup! That's what I'll be serving for Imbolc. Potato soup- I'm going to try to get some bread bowls, or make biscuits, and we'll have salad and soup. Ben is a veggie, so I'll have some substitutions, but it still tastes pretty good. Pretty fitting for the feast day of an Irish goddess, methinks.

My groups Imbolc celebration is the following Saturday evening. Tomorrow night I get together with my right-hand woman to nail down the deets for this circle. I have a bunch of ideas, but it might lead to a somewhat complex celebration. One of my personal goals this year is to let the celebration spill over from circle into activities preceding or following the actual rite. We used to sort of do this, but have gotten away from it in months past. I'll post pictures at the coven blog at and possibly cross-post them here, too. I'm a big fan of Brighid (and her sister hearth goddess Hestia), and so this day is pretty important to me, and it has been in the past. My meditations have been leading me back to my heritage, and the Celtic pantheon, which is frustrating, because I'm consciously drawn to the path of the Greeks.

I have a new EMF meter, which is interesting and exciting. I have an investigation or two lined up in the near future, and I'll post my findings on of course. Could I have ANY more blogs? Course I could - I also have one dedicated to the advertising industry from the viewpoint of a peon, but I'll wait until I have a bit of content before I share that one with anyone.

I hope everyone is blessed on this cool winters evening.

Great Lady Brighid!
Daughter of the Dagda,
Wife to Bres,
Exalted One,
She who makes her home at Kildare,
Bright Fiery Power!
She who inspires poets and writers, hearth Mother,
She who honors, Heals and promotes the family,
Patronness of the arts, and smithcraft,
Bright Maiden!
Come to us tonight!
As we honor you on your festival day!


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