Separate but equal? I think not. (11/25/08)

I'm part of the media sales division of a larger entity company. They keep telling us that we are really part of this larger entity, and even changed our branding this year to look more like the larger entities logo. So they are really pushing this- we are one company thing. Each year, we are invited to this huge company holiday bash, with the people from the larger entitiy. This is great, because many of our former collegues have since transferred to these departments.

Yesterday, I was forwarded an email from a colleague of mine in regards to the company holiday party with a link to RSVP- I was surprised because I hadn't yet received an invitation. I checked it out, many people RSVPd and were looking forward to attending. I actually began moving my schedule around for this. Then, this afternoon we received an email from our HR manager. This year, "due to budget constraints" we are excluded from the company party. Instead, we will be having smaller office parties, etc. It's great, that we'll be having smaller parties, but I was really looking forward to seeing old friends- not just those who transferred to the larger umbrella company, but those in other offices that I haven't seen in ages.

I just think its idiotic that they spent so much time rebranding, and partnering with our larger entity, and then we're excluded from the fun. In no uncertain terms are we to RSVP to these parties, and if we do, we'll be turned away at the door. That was made super clear by our HR person.

Happy Holidays to you, too.


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