Getting ready for Samhain (10/29/08)


Samhain is coming... and I'm getting ready! I'm still putting touches on the ritual for Saturday night. We still have to do the shopping, and I still need to gather the things I'd like to bring for the ancestor altar, but everything is coming along well. I just need to remember to go with the flow. This week is super busy, from the class I teach tomorrow night, to the potluck at work on Friday, to Friday night, to Saturdays circle... and on to my nieces birthday party on Sunday (OMG, I need to make her something)... Finish up next weeks lesson for the online class I teach that releases on Monday. When am I supposed to breathe?

It's tough, living in the real world. There always seems like there is too much to do and not enough time. I face that at work, especially right now during political season - Im in advertising, and its a crazy time, what with all of the political advertisers. We have some controversial issues this year, thats for sure! Yes/No on 8. I wanted to go to a local No on 8 (8 prevents gay marriage)rally this weekend, but I can't manage to squeeze it in. Bummer! I just hope that I touch someones life for the better every day.


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