Consecrating a New Tool or Magickal Item

Well, I wanted to do something like I’ve seen in other blogs, and have a Magickal Monday or a Witchy Wednesday. Does that mean that I need to wait until one of these days if I get inspiration, or a bug up my butt to share something? I don’t think structured blogging would work out for me. Today I decided to share a very simple consecration, and I can’t think of anything witchy (besides tarot) that would go with Tuesday. Oh, well. Twitchy Tuesday?

Anyway, Once a witch gets a new tool or object to use in magick- it’s a good idea to consecrate it before your first magickal use, as it might have leftover energy or ethereal gunk on it from other people who may have touched it. To consecrate means to make sacred, and here is the formula that I use.

To create a consecration, I use the three Cs. Cleansing, Consecrating, and Charging. When cleansing, you are ridding the object of all old energy so that you can make it yours in this simple ritual. Some people like to get rid of all harmful and destructive energy, rather than all energy- the choice is up to you. I like a clean palette usually, unless I know or can “feel” where the object came from. Your second step is consecration- the actual act of making it sacred. I do this with the aid of the four elements. I’ve found this to be particularly helpful within a ritual frame where one might evoke the elements at the beginning of a ritual. Your third and final step is to charge it with your energy. The trick is to not push all of your energy into the object- you don’t want to get tired… think of it more like sharing your energy with the object. At this point you can also add any directives- examples are in the consecration below. Basically any ‘job’ or intent you want to imbue in your object can be stated at this point. Many people close their consecration with a “So mote it be” or “Blessed be.”

Below is a simple consecration that’s pretty easy to memorize.

Envision all negative and harmful energy dispersing from the object, back into the universe to be recycled- as energy naturally does.
Say: I cast from this [object] all energy, that it shall be a pure vessel for my intent.

Move object through each of the elements- consecrating and blessing your object with each of the four elements.

Move object through incense smoke.
Say: By (or with or in) the power of Air, this [object] is sacred.

Sprinkle object with water.
Say: By (or with or in) the power of Water, this [object] is sacred.

Carefully wave the object in or above the candle flame.
Say: By (or with or in) the power of Fire, this [object] is sacred.

Sprinkle object with salt.
Say: By (or with or in) the power of Earth, this [object] is sacred.

Hold object in your hands, or hold hands above the object. Envision some of your energy flowing into the object.
Say: I charge this [object] with the divine energy that flows through me. This [object] is cleansed, blessed by the four elements, and charged by me is a sacred [object].
(can add any other directive here, such as: and shall be used in only the most positive of ways, OR will belong to me as long as I desire, etc.)

It’s a pretty simple and easy ritual- and all you need are four physical representations of the elements. Let me know your thoughts, if you like.


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