The New (to me) Pets


Well, I thought I might introduce this cast of characters that wake me up at 6:30 in the morning. :)

Here is Dottie. Dottie is also known as "The Bitch" or "The Brat." Because she's eeeevil most of the time. But since my SIL and her two kids moved out, the cat has been so super sweet and nice. She's a completely different cat.


This cat is Kit. Kit is a lazy-assed cat that is very laid back. He is happy if you pet him. Or if you don't. He really doesn't care.


This one is Libby. Libby was in a car accident, and as my SIL managed an animal hospital, she came home with her. She pretty much keeps to herself in the cat condo, but is getting more and more adventurous.


Not pictured: Chumley. He's anti-social.

Now, for the doggies!

Mojo is a PITA. He bit my mom. Twice. Not serious, but still, he can be a little unpredictable around new people. He's also pretty cute. He's a maltese. Both him and the yorkie (below) were give to my SIL, because they couldn't sell him. Mojo has a few little tan patches. Evidently, people buying Maltese's are white supremicists! I'm kidding.


Now, we have Sammie. Sammie is a Yorkie. The pet shop couldn't sell him because his head was too big for his body. Seriously- he's a bobbleheaded dog. The cutest one EVER! He likes giving kisses!


And finally- not pictured, is Patch, a big black and white cocker spaniel who doesn't hold still long enough for photos. I will GET him one of these days, though!

And that rounds up the animals that I live with. There is a big beautiful gray stray cat outside. He hangs out all day. So I guess he belongs here. :)


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