Random Thursday Rambling

And so, it is Thursday. I don’t have to work tomorrow, so that gives me a happy right there. My goal for tomorrow is to get my studio situated. I actually took photos of it, for a “before” shot, but my netbook won’t take my media. Evidently it’s not compatible, and that really blows because I thought it was. Well, whatever. So, imagine, if you will a room full of boxes and a crapload of herb jars on a wooden table. See- who needs pictures, right? I’ll still post them.

The biggest challenge I’ve found in getting things put away is that I have to organize the stuff already IN the closet before I’m able to put my stuff away. And its my in-laws’ stuff. So I think I’m going to box up what I can, and then move it around so I can fit in all my storage boxes of craft stuff. Its just getting up the motivation to do that- since I’m not starting with a clean palette, so to speak. Most people who know me know that I love to organize. I LURVE it. But its de-motivating to have to find a place for other people stuff. Of course, their things have more right to be there than mine, and that’s not the problem, it’s just the organizing of that before I can organize myself.

I had no idea I’d spend so much money moving. Besides the U-Haul and the Storage unit, just the little things really piled up- from moving day pizzas to shower curtain and curtain rods. That’s such a bummer, ‘cause I really wanted to talk my husband into letting me buy a Flip video camera. Not like I really need to ‘talk’ him into it, but I don’t feel comfortable making a purchase like that without a conversation. I’d really like to make videos. Whether they just be Vlogs, or instructional stuff, I think it might be fun! Plus I could set it up for ritual, even. Maybe. I’d like to see some video shot with it, though, before I purchase to make sure it doesn’t really suck.

This afternoon, I go in for my allergy test. Bye-bye $30 more dollars. Yesterday was bloodwork, today is allergy test. Fun times in the life of Hivey Ivy. I just can’t wait until everything is completely sorted out and we have a place to watch TV. I hope everyone has a fun plan for the fourth of July weekend. I’m making that Sangria again. I want to make Jez’s casserole for dinner one night, so I need to halve the recipe and grocery shop for that. What side dishes do you serve with a casserole anyway? Salad? I think I’ll tweet that and see if I can get suggestions.

I haven't been in a place where I can really practice much. With no place for meditation or concentration or to sit, I'm really looking forward to getting everything situation so I can start up my daily practice.


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